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What is The Deadbolt Mystery Society?

What is The Deadbolt Mystery Society?


The Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly subscription box service for lovers of mystery and suspense.  With your subscription, a new mystery box filled with puzzles, evidence, and interviews will be delivered to your door.  Each box is a standalone mystery that requires no additional boxes to complete. 

What will my box contain?


Our monthly subscription boxes will include a variety of items needed to solve the murder mystery.  No two months will be alike.  Imagine that you are a consulting detective tasked with solving a particular case.  The subscription box will contain all pertinent items needed to ensure your success.  Some boxes may contain interactive components that require you to go online (a smartphone should suffice).   

How does a subscription box work?


By signing up, you agree to pay $24.99 monthly in addition to $4.99 shipping.  Each month we will ship you a new mystery.  There is no commitment.  You are free to cancel at any time.  We take subscriptions throughout the month and mail out to all active subscribers the first week of the following month. All renewals process on the 11th of each month.


What Should I Expect From a DMS Box?


Original, interactive mysteries.

Stand-alone stories that don't require other boxes to complete.

Immersive scenarios, intriguing characters, and original compelling stories!

Puzzles written and designed by escape room creators.

A fun activity that is great for date night and for family game night.

Online components that bring each mystery to life!

Sanitarium (June 2019 box)


Subscriptions will be taken from May 1-31. Boxes will be mailed out the first week in June.

If only the padded walls could talk...

Infected (Back in Stock)


Some thing's just aren't meant to leave the lab. Patient Zero is one of them!

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Copycat (back in stock)


A new series of victims belonging to The Toymaker, The Seaside Strangler, and The Black Rock Butcher have been found.  The only problem?  Those maniacs are either incarcerated, institutionalized, or dead.  That can only mean one thing:  a copycat is on the loose!  

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Wanted (Back in stock)


The Black Rock Butcher was a serial killer who terrorized the saloon girls of Black Rock in the days when it was a burgeoning gold rush town.  Because criminal investigation techniques hadn’t yet been developed, the killer was never apprehended.  New evidence has recently come to light indicating that The Butcher was actually the great-great-grandfather of the founder of The Will Street Detective Agency.  In other words, your boss might be related to a notorious murderer.  Unlike most cases, this one is now personal, and you have been tasked to clear the family name.  Although the leads in this cold case all date back to the 1800’s, you must follow each one and use all your skills as a detective to determine the true identity of The Black Rock Butcher.    

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The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame (out of stock)


When a strange character calling himself Mr. Mindgame kidnaps five suspects in a recent murder, you must play his twisted game in order to determine who the killer is and set the innocents free.  But is his game everything it seems to be or is there a dark secret behind all the trickery? 

The Seaside Strangler (back in stock)


 The Will Street Detective Agency has received a tip about The Seaside Strangler murders that has led you, a consulting detective, to nearby Gold Hook Island to investigate.  The tiny island of Gold Hook is home to a mere 32 families and can only be reached by ferry.  With a few eating establishments, stretches of uninhabited beachfront, and The Kingfisher hotel, Gold Hook is a quaint tourist getaway in temperate months and is mostly cut off from the mainland in the winter.  After the National Weather Service announces that a nor’easter is headed their way, the residents of Gold Hook begin to evacuate the island using the small ferry that makes the two mile journey back and forth to the mainland. On its way back to pick up the last batch of residents, the ferry experiences a mechanical failure that renders it inoperable, leaving you and a few other people behind on the island to fend for themselves during the storm.  Not long after the storm begins to hammer the coastline of Gold Hook, one of those left behind is found strangled with a length of strangely knotted rope, leading you to conclude that The Seaside Strangler is one of those who didn’t make it back to the mainland.  The police and Coast Guard are unavailable for the next twenty-four hours due to the extreme weather so help will not be coming any time soon.  Leaving the island is not an option.  Your only choice...determine who The Seaside Strangler is and close a case that the police have been unable to close. 

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The Toymaker (back in stock)


Late last year a series of grisly murders in the town of Valley Falls captivated the world.  A handful of victims were abducted at various points throughout the month, killed in gruesome ways, decorated to resemble popular children’s toys, and gift-wrapped for the police to find.  Among those “toys” that were created and left for the authorities:  a life-sized Jack in the Box that caused a spring-loaded victim to pop out of the top when the handle was cranked, a Nutcracker doll decorated with greasepaint and blood, a robot that was created from both human and mechanical parts, and a marionette whose movements could be controlled via a series of cables that were attached the victim’s limbs.  The gift cards attached to each one were all signed by someone calling themselves “The Toymaker.”  Police were closing in on the culprit when The Toymaker stopped killing, causing the trail to grow cold.  They have continued to pursue leads throughout the year, but they haven’t had any real breakthroughs in a while.  Earlier this week, a new “gift” arrived from the killer, and it is reasonable to assume that the murders will start anew.  If the pattern holds, there is only a very finite amount of time to investigate before The Toymaker goes underground again.  No doubt The Toymaker has more “toys” in mind to create so lives are at risk.  

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Carnival of Chaos (out of stock)


The Shadow Brothers’ Carnival of Chaos had only been setup in Valley Falls for a little more than a day when Madame Ruby was found murdered in her fortune teller’s wagon, bludgeoned to death with her own crystal ball.  Although the killer was efficient in their killing, they left Madame Ruby before they were certain she was dead.  In a last ditch effort to provide information about the one who murdered her, Madame Ruby managed to scrawl this note before passing over into the Great Beyond:  “The spirits will tell you who did this to me.” The prime suspects for the murder come from the freak show.  Those are the people you need to focus on.  However, if they won’t talk, maybe the spirits will.  There have been reports of some strange occurrences going on at night after the midway shuts down.  The carnies are claiming that something is using the midway games to leave cryptic messages.  So you have a murder investigation, a creepy carnival, and a midway that may or may not be haunted by ghosts who are seeking to shed some light on Madame Ruby’s murder by leaving messages amongst the test-your-luck games.

The Cabin (out of stock)


20 years ago five camp counselors were brutally murdered at Camp Grand Echo.  Now, those who survived have been summoned back to the camp by an eccentric millionaire and offered a large sum of money to spend one more night there for an upcoming reality show.  No one seriously thinks the killing will start up again...until the headless body of the millionaire is found.  The murderer, it seems, has returned.  Old secrets will be unearthed.  Bodies will fall.  And The Reaper, once more, will reap.  What truths will be uncovered in...The Cabin?  

Terminal (out of stock)


A flight from Madrid to New York turns into an international incident after one of the first-class passengers is found dead while the plane is somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.  The man seems to be in perfect health, and there are no obvious signs to point to cause of death.  The contents found in the man’s possession, however, suggest that there is more to him than meets the eye.  Only a limited number of passengers and flight crew had access to him.  Did he simply die of natural causes?  Or was his death the result of some sinister plot?  Unravel the story of the mysterious first-class passenger and discover what really happened on that flight to Madrid.      

Ransom (sold out)


Sasha Millington, daughter of real estate magnate, Warren Bankhead, was kidnapped during a gala celebrating the opening of the Sioux exhibit at the Valley Falls Museum.  A ransom note has been received asking for ten million dollars in exchange for her return.  Time is running out.  Discover the kidnapper’s true identity and motive for abducting her before it is too late.    

Sleight of Hand (sold out)


When The Amazing Silverstone died, his Last Will and Testament was a source of much controversy due to a personalized note he left with his lawyer.  It read:    

“To my dearest son, Peter.  If you are reading this particular draft then it means my unknown nemesis murdered me.  They will have gone to great lengths to cover their tracks, but I know the truth.  In time, hopefully, you will too.  There have been lots of unusual happenings at Silverstone Manor over the past few weeks.  Some of them I could have chalked up to simple coincidence, but the sheer number of strange occurrences has cast a sinister cloud overhead that has been too overwhelming to ignore.  Your reading of this will proves that I wasn’t paranoid or crazy.  I was right all along about the threat on my life.  That brings me to your involvement in this cryptic business.  In addition to my estate and the considerable wealth that goes with it, I am leaving you the contents of my safe which, I believe, contains the identity of the one who took my life.   Over the course of my life I have made many enemies, both personally and professionally, and I believe one of these is to blame for my untimely demise.  Determine the identity of my killer and bring them to justice.  I have the utmost confidence in you, my son.”  

Although he had acquired considerable sleight of hand skills from years of apprenticing under his father, Peter Silverstone had no idea where to start with the investigation of his father’s murder.  As a result, he has brought the contents of his father’s safe to you at the Will Street Detective Agency and hired you to help solve the mystery surrounding the death of The Amazing Silverstone.          

The Wrath of Nero (sold out)


It’s been over a year since the psychopath known as Nero last threatened the citizens of Thornmire County.  A villain with his own moral code and twisted sense of justice, Nero doled out punishment on those he deemed guilty, mimicking his namesake, the Roman Emperor Nero, who was known for his cruel and unusual methods of torturing those who crossed him.  No one had seen or heard from him until earlier today when you received a curious box from Nero, threatening the city of Hampstead with the release of a highly communicable airborne toxin that will likely kill thousands of innocent people if not contained.  Nero, however, enjoys the thrill of the chase and the challenge of a worthy opponent.  He has provided a series of puzzles that will allow you to pinpoint the location of the toxin as well as the means to disable the bomb that will disseminate the chemical compound into the atmosphere.  He has allowed you and the other members of the Will Street Detective Agency 72 hours before the population of Hampstead is wiped off of the map.  Oh, and one more thing.  Nero has given specific instructions not to contact the police, the CDC, Homeland Security, or any formal law enforcement agency, threatening to detonate the bomb early if his instructions aren’t followed.  This means your wits and detective skills are the only thing that stands between the town of Hampstead and a bloody, brutal demise.  Discover the secret behind Nero’s wrath and do whatever it takes to save the citizens of Hampstead.

The Haunting of Indigo House (sold out)


The ominous shadow of Bleak Lily has clouded the public’s opinions of Indigo House for the past hundred years, turning it into a paranormal hotspot frequented by all manner of supernatural enthusiasts.  A local ghost story rooted in bits of truth, the tale of Bleak Lily is actually the tragic story of Lily Abernethy, one of the estate’s original owners who took to haunting the house after a suspicious and untimely demise.  In the years after Lily’s passing, numerous people have died on the grounds of Indigo House, and although there is never anything to prove that the ghost of Lily Abernethy is to blame, people still whisper that the bloodshed is her handiwork.  The Van Burens bought Indigo House from the Abernethy family around the turn of the 20th century and have done their best to shake off the curse of Bleak Lily.  However, the rumors started up again when the matriarch of the family, Hilda Van Buren, was found dead in her bed.  Was Mrs. Van Buren’s death from natural causes?  Did Bleak Lily claim another casualty?  Or is there something else sinister at work?      

Asylum (back in stock)


For nearly a century, Saturn Hills Asylum has housed the mentally disturbed of Valley Falls.  Under the leadership of Dr. Norman Blackthorn, Saturn Hills has become known as both a pioneer in experimental psychiatric techniques as well as a facility equipped to house the most dangerous, demented criminals. Despite the nature of the sadistic souls held within its walls, Saturn Hills has functioned largely without incident until  Wolfgang Koch was discovered in his room, hanging from the overhead light by a makeshift noose.  The way Koch died seems particularly strange given his  history and the reason he was incarcerated at Saturn Hills in the first place.  Koch, one of Saturn Hills’ most notorious inmates, was also known as The Judas Killer because he hanged each and every one of his victims and left a handful of silver coins in the pockets of the deceased as he staged the suicide of Judas Iscariot over and over again.  Silver coins, incidentally, were also found at the crime scene.  Who had it out for The Judas Killer and what was their motive for killing him?  What kinds of secrets are hidden behind the padded walls of Saturn Hills? Can you discover what was really going on at Saturn Hills Asylum and determine who killed Wolfgang Koch?

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Murder in 3b (out of stock)


The Hideaway Motel is an infamous haunt that most of the citizens of Valley Falls know to steer clear of. Megan Thompson either didn’t know of the motel’s seedy reputation or stayed there precisely because of it.  That decision turned out to be a fatal one.  She was found murdered in her room by the housekeeper, stabbed multiple times by an unknown assailant.  The reason for her stay in Valley Falls is unknown. However, authorities believe one of the guests at The Hideaway is her killer.  As an investigator with the Will Street Detective Agency you have been asked to consult on the case...and to bring the murderer to justice.  Comb through the investigation notes, read the suspect statements, examine the evidence, and close the case.  Find out what really happened at The Hideaway Motel and solve the “Murder in 3B.”       

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