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Help Nick Groff with his next paranormal investigation.

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“The Deadbolt Mystery Society is captivating from start to finish. A well thought out experience! I dare you to test your ability and journey into a game like no other!” – Nick Groff (Paranormal Researcher)

How it works

Get your copy of Nick Groff’s Ghost Hunt – The Cleansing of Killian House.

Boxes ship from the United States and ship to many different locations worldwide.

Receive your box.

Once you receive your copy of Nick Groff’s Ghost Hunt – The Cleansing of Killian House, you will want to read the Start Here instructions sheet. After reading the instructions, you will begin your investigation.

Investigate The Killian House!

Nick will provide assistance via notes, audio files, and video files within the box.  (*A smartphone or device with the ability to access the internet and scan QR codes will be needed.) You will examine information, access locations, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets held by The Killian House.

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Nick Groff’s Ghost Hunt Custom Patch and Nick Groff autographed photo included with each copy of The Cleansing of Killian House

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