July 2021

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Last Resort

Summary: A group of co-workers employed by a Valley Falls travel agency have been given an incredible opportunity. The Refuge at Emerald Island is an isolated and exclusive resort that, ironically, none of the travel agents have ever heard of. What makes this opportunity even more special is that they will be the last group to stay at the tropical resort. The week after their stay, the resort is scheduled to be demolished by its owner and rebuilt as an industrial hub. Once the group arrives, they are excited for sand, sun and relaxation. That quickly changes when one of the travel agents receives a note from someone calling themselves “A little bird” who hints that there is danger afoot and more to the island than meets the eye. What’s the real story behind The Resort at Emerald Island and why have you and your group been brought here?

Pack your bags and grab your sunscreen for Last Resort.

Sand. Sun. Slay.